What makes a L3gaci?  
We were set on our first mission to find out what makes our city of choice move.  Here comes Philly, we traveled to the neighborhood of Manayunk, set in the north-western section (19127).  Located on the banks of the river Schuylkill River the name literally means “place to drink”.  Manayunk certainly takes hold to that name, offering not just some of Philly’s best food choices, but offering some unique places to dine and shop as well.



One thing I do love is food.  To figure out what made this city move, I needed to eat, and to do that we had to find a local hot spot, something affordable, and nothing too main stream. 
We stumbled upon The Couch Tomato. Tucked away on the corner of Main street and Rector street. Looking at first appearance as another fast food restaurant, we quickly discovered otherwise. Upon entering greeted by a friendly staff we we’re surrounded by vibrant colors and saw mouth-watering food to our eyes.  Open daily for 11 am to 10 pm you can eat in or out , have your food delivered in a funky old school VW van.  One can even have their party catered!
Opened in 2003  founded by Craig Mosmen and Micheal Cassano, are now in their seventh year of business.  With much success thery are expanding their location to seat around 125 customers, adding two to three floors, and including a liquor license.  Adding more unique designs and color choices, even adding a fire place to the establishment and plan on re-opening the business this fall. Always offering fresh new york style pizza, veggie friendly choices, and an array of salads to the health conscious traveler appeased.  Never ceasing to experiment with the taste buds and they keep customers coming back for more, truly fitting in the Manayunk L3gaci, “a place to drink.”  The Couch Tomato fits in nicely among the cities posh restaurants, lounges, boutiques and salons. 





In search of our L3gaci we found The Attic, opened in 2003. The new way to do vintage shopping, pa offers 3 shops in Kutzton, Bethlehem and Manayunk.  Open 11 am to 8 pm daily one can purchase odd and end finds.  How does it work?  They can buy sales or trade your clothing of Mall brands up to two years in relevance and vintage current trends in season.  They take all types of clothing, accessories, purses, shoes, and jewelry. One can trade in their clothing for 33% cash or 55% store credit! Sitting right on the main street, this store front is sure to catch your eye. They close early, but with low prices of still in trend items are sure to make the trip worth it.  Just walking into the shop one can feel their going to get a deal.  From the stylish decor itself, on the presentation of the clothing tabel tops, to their fitting room using faucets as holders. This boqtiue has a flair that just can not be resisted.  Their still giving back to the enviroment donating 5 cents to the Environmental Defense Fund and donating to local schools. They pride themsevles on shopping the cheap prices of name brand items with a vintage feel in mind, while giving back to the community.  Sliding right on in to the Manayunk vibe of mixing modern fashion with old world feel, The Attic sure is starting its own L3gaci.


Having to leave Manayunk with the sun setting and the streets filling we could sense we were leaving as the party was just starting.  With convenient parking, and inexpensive car lots to use the city isn’t hard to stay in.  With up and coming shops and restaurants, clean streets and beautiful art work a foot to grace ones vision makes it a calming setting to walk to the streets.  Needing soon to go back to experience the nightlight, Manayunk is a city that is truly a L3gaci.





Main Locations.

the attic
4335 Main Street
Manayunk, PA 19127

The Couch Tomato
102 Rector Street,
Philadelphia, PA‎ – (215) 483-2233‎

Other features
The Manayunk Tavern
4247 Main Street,
Philadelphia, PA‎
(267) 335-2121‎

Jakes Restraunt and Bar
4365 Main Street,
Philadelphia, PA‎ 
(215) 483-0444‎

4382 Main Street,
Philadelphia, PA‎
(215) 483-6226‎

Burbon Blue
2 Rector Street,
Philadelphia, PA‎ 
(215) 508-3360‎

Dairy Land
4409 Main Street, 
Philadelphia PA‎ –
(215) 482-6806‎

Kildares Irish Pub
4417 Main Street
Philadelphia, PA‎
(215) 482-7242‎

4390 Main Street,
Philadelphia, PA‎
(215) 487-3667‎